My Story

HI and welcome to my page! I joined Scentsy in February of 2011 and haven't looked back! I am in LOVE with this company and these amazing products!! As well as all the amazing people I've met in just these short six months, I promise you give Scentsy a try and you won't regret it!!

Like I said I LOVE Scentsy! I don't often remember to light a candle and with two little girls it's dangerous to do so. My warmers are on almost all the time, and can be perfect nightlights. I never feel panic if I leave home only to realize I've forgotten to turn a warmer off, I know that it's safe. Just like everybody else, at first I was on the fence! My huge turning point came the day my, then, two year old got curious and stuck her finger into my melted wax, and it didn't even turn her finger red!! No burns, no tears, and no trips to the emergency room. It was then I decided I HAD to become a consultant and share this amazing product with my friends and family and anybody I could talk to!

Not only is it safe, but these products are SO well made and the customer service is just amazing, I make sure to tell people if they every have a problem to contact me! Scentsy strives to make it right!!

My favorite warmers and scents you ask? They seem to be changing all the time!! Right now Happy Birthday is my absolute favorite Scent and I love that I can take it with me in a Scent Circle!  The buddies are way too cute and you have to try the fragrance foam! <3

Please contact me if you have any questions at all, feel free to ask me anything! I cannot wait to hear from you and once again thank you SO much for checking out my site. Peace, Love, and Scentsy